B2B service business

Providing a professional service to your clients is different than selling a product.

Cove understands that running a professional service business can be demanding. It takes a special set of skills to keep the books reconciled, the payroll accurate, and all while ensuring your tax filings are complete and timely so you avoid any hassles come tax season.

Our team is here for you and has the experience to help B2B and Professional Services companies to run their businesses smoothly and efficiently.

We’ll help you scale up your services while staying in sound financial territory. That’s what we do for our own business.

“I used Joseph for my photography business’s taxes. I was amazed at how much money he helped me save which was a big relief for my business.

I’ve recommended him to other business owners as well because I know his knowledge of tax space is second to none. Joseph is patient, reasonable and a great guy that you can trust. Looking forward to sitting down with him this year!”


Accounting & Tax Services for B2B & Professional Services

  • Manage your finances for growth
  • Credits & incentives
  • Budgeting
  • Pricing
  • General business consulting
  • + more