startup entrepreneurs

Growing companies need different services than well-established businesses.

You’ll need to work lean, conserve cash, and focus on your core business building activities. As a start up, you’ve got a lot on your plate — and doing your own accounting can take crucial time away from creating partnerships, marketing, and finding new customers.

Having someone you trust to help you navigate your accounting and tax needs during the early stages of your business development will help you lay a strong foundation for future growth.

Take the stress of doing all of your own accounting, payroll and tax preparation off of yourself with our simple and affordable services. We know the ins and outs and can help you focus on what matters most: your new business.

Accounting & Tax Services for Startups & Entrepreneurs

  • LLC Formation
  • Accounting system setup
  • Full-charge accounting
  • Custom financial reporting
  • Cash flow & burn rate financial analysis
  • Forecasting & budgeting
  • Tax strategy & structure
  • + more